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SANTAFE-4th:HardcoreTest Drive
2019/4/25 9:25:47

——In the 1980s, Beijing just entered the era of motor vehicle personalization. At that time, there was a popular word called “meat-packed iron”, which was used to describe the first time to buy a motorcycle owner (※ to Now almost all of them are "deregistered" - the author presses), saying that this motorcycle is not safe!


At the time, this "meat-packed iron" was also used to describe the smuggling (Great Trade) imports of Korean cars that were not useful, and the safety was worrying...

(In the early 1990s, China imported Daewoo sedan with corn and other primary agricultural barter trade. This now closed Daewoo car has once become a car with zero imported cars in China because of poor safety and reputation...)

  Secret 1: Test Driver

The rainy season, Beijing Hyundai Motor's SUV brand day, the flagship of the modern car SUV matrix - the first igniting spot of the six-seater large-seat SUV media test drive event of the four generations of SSANTAFE-4th is not price, not technology, not brand, but More than 300 media people who came to test drive, the "old gunner" with the most "senior" qualifications - this self-deprecating "home living next to Beijing Zhoukoudian", claimed to have never participated in Korean car activities for 20 years, the only one in the country The car media people who never reported the Korean car news actually came out to test drive!

This "Iron Man" is not an anime character - but Xie Weilie, the car and the rivers and lakes called "iron teeth steel teeth" Xie Daxia(Chivalrous man)! After 20 years, the last time in the Beijing Daewoo Matisse Consumer Rights Rights Dialogue On the other hand, Xie Daxia, who was filming the table with Daewoo China’s Korean agent, reappeared at the launch of the Korean car – the Beijing Hyundai’s 4th-generation SUV listing, which made the industry familiar with the situation of the year!

“Mountain is still the same, personnel is no longer" - Xie Weilie, a senior media person who has been in business for 30 years, naturally feels a lot of emotions. He said: "The reason why I returned to the rivers and lakes 20 years later is because friends repeatedly recommend "-" Today's Hyundai Motor in Korea is technologically forward-looking and safe. Today's advancement in technological iterations is concentrated in the new flagship of the modern SUV matrix, SANTAFE-4th. Don't experience it for yourself. Moreover, the rigorous and professional American Road Traffic Safety Administration and the American Insurance Association have given the four-generation all-star rating of SANTAFE -4th..…"

So, there is the beginning of the narrative of the story - in the brand day of the four generations of test drive in the country, more than 340 Chinese professional media people, Xie WeiLie column is undoubtedly since 1988 with the Korean car zero The oldest "test driver" in contact with him! He said: "I am very curious about the four generations of SANTAFE -4th, so I came...".


 Secret 2: Test loading car

—— Old Beijing, but the four cities of the four cities know that there is a two-hundred-year brand store in Beijing’s Qianmen Dashilan street that eats siu mai(Steamed dumplings): one place! Nowadays, the six flagships of Beijing’s modern SUV matrix Up to four generations of "listed", can be a unique secret: the above is a slap in the face of the real people who are not exposed, the real men who are not real, the test drive wins four generations, Xie WeiLie column studio's iQiyi The car's strong PGC talk show launched the full digital hard test drive for four generations:

In addition to experiencing dynamic driving, “Iron Man” also realized the static interior environment, using the “High Precision Air Monitoring Guardian” system to detect formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, and also made noise and electromagnetic detection, paint Twelve hardcore “experience” projects such as coating, steel plate thickness/hardness, lamp illumination, etc., which have not been used by professional cars and consumer media at home and abroad, have created a kind of abandonment of “handsome man’s fist test head space” and “The beauty long-leg test seat space" is at least read by the small-value "sketch" of the big data era, so that the public has the willingness to understand the digital third-party digital communication through mediation data interpretation. This is Xie Daxia’s chanting. A section of "jingle":

 Big brand, small details,
Big data, small value,
Objective, subjective assessment,
Popular cars, cold doors!


It is also because of the novel ideas and unique practices that have won the attention of the car companies. Xie Weilie Studio got the test drive and tested it before the listing. This is the past five cars in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It is a rare situation in the media test drive in China! Borrowing the old Beijing's roasting brand is called the one-of-a-kind! (Alone test drive the car!)

Secret 3: Center console

——Beijing pure man gathering and drinking is nothing more than two choices: beer! White! “Beer” refers to Yanjing beer, “white” refers to Erguotou  can have the same child: fistula What to drink, don't care about the level of alcohol, just care about drinking!

He said that the "test driver" who did not touch the Korean car for 20 years said that the "Iron Man" test drive was a separate test car, and then talked about the third exclusive of the four generations of national media test drive. Secret:


Xie Daxia did not intend to see the center console of this large six-seat SUV when he was in the SANTAFE -4th test drive of the "Fast Lane" of the iQiyi "Fast Lane". I felt that it was a bit different. - The four-generation center console of the SANTAFE-4th and the X5 of the German BMW seem to be a bit "like-acquaintance" - Xie Daxia said in the recording of the digital measurement link: "With the experience of driving the BMW E46 325i and BMW X5 for 15 years, I personally feel the victory. The center console of the four generations of this large SUV is not a right-angled 90°, but a slight tilt to the front driver's seat – this is the design of the center console tilting project of BMW in the 1980s, in order to let the driver It is easier to control the humanized design of the center console! Now the German Audi and the French PSA are emulating this design language! At the actual site, Xie Daxia first talked with Mr.FengShuo, Director of Product Development Management Department of Beijing Hyundai Motor. After the senior expert and the Korean side confirmed: In order to give the driver a safe care during driving, the safety-oriented convenience of the driver of the SANTAFE-4th from the height of the people-oriented, SANTAFE-4th of this large SUV The center console is friendly and slightlyTilted 2° in the direction of the driver's seat (the inclination of the BMW center console is 7°)!!

Against the sky! - Can visually see that the modern SUV matrix flagship center console has a tilt angle (2° tilt angle) - at least the first time the US and South Korea professional media and the Chinese professional media test drive No one in the activity can see the nuances of the designer's hard work. Only the industry's "inflicted" thirty years of "iron teeth steel teeth" Xie Daxia can clearly observe the autumn! This shows that the professional quality level of Chinese automotive professional media people It is comparable to the professional standards of Europe, America, Japan and Korea!

Xie Daxia said: "In fact, the friendly interface design of this kind of European and American humanistic care seems to be commonplace, but the Hyundai Motor of the Northeast Asian Confucian culture circle has begun to have a globalized vision of globalization while it is building its own technology; of course Now the boss of Hyundai's global design is the BMW M-series design. Obviously, there is also such a humanistic sentiment!


To put it bluntly, just as Beijing’s pure men’s party, the beer is 9° or 11°, and the 35° or 53° white wine is used to help; the four generations of large SUV Positioning is for family members. The tilt angle of the center console is not important at 2° or 7°. It is important to show a friendly and harmonious social interface. Both are friendly docking between people and people. Show people-oriented humanistic feelings! - The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom; according to the communicative context of sociology, this seems to be an ancient oriental meeting ceremony - can be humble and deep, or be polite and polite The center console tilt angle of the four generations of large-scale SUV not only expresses a humanized design, but also a designer who blends wisdom between the East and the West, and politely bows to the driver to express his compliments! - Big Brand Office Small details displayed, four words - sincerity!"

Secret 4: Superhard steel

——Through the Chinese auto media heroes who have not touched the Korean car for 20 years, they took the lead in testing the factory's test-loading car and saw the 2° subtle humanistic care tilt angle of the center console. The following reveals the Xie Daxia hard-core test drive. Up to four generations of large suv most "hard core"...

——In the late 1990s to the beginning of this century, the Asian auto market, the biggest automobile market in Asia, was once a Korean wave. “The SANTAFE-4th in the eyes of men and the cool people in the eyes of women, this imported SUV And the small sports car, when was it, the younger generation of the Beijing city, who has entered the threshold of a car, has a worthy scooter! Compared with the big Ben BMW, the young people who pursue romance are yearning for!

Closer to home, Xie Weilie's digital test drive wins four generations of SUV. In the static test session, there is an exclusive discovery: after using the measured data obtained by the Leeb hardness tester and the steel plate thickness gauge, Xie Daxia according to the data I have a professional judgment: "According to the calculation of the A-pillar and the B-pillar, my intuition tells me that regardless of the flexural strength or the tensile strength, the specification says that the A and B columns reach a strength of 1480 MPa . There may be 'errors', and the safety of the important position of the production car that is officially listed by the manufacturer may be higher!"

In order to verify Xie Daxia’s judgment, Iqiyi’s “Fast Lane” column once again called Beijing Hyundai Motor Product Development Management Department. Minister Feng Shuo was very surprised to say that in order to provide safer and more safe to the family-like Sida four-generation large SUV owners. The real protection, Beijing Hyundai Motor has adopted the higher-strength thermoformed steel provided by Hyundai Steel, which has a strength of 1600 MPa (megapascals), which is safer than the original US version of the SANTAFE -4th!


Xie Daxia said: "The strength of 1600MPa  is equivalent to the use of ultra-high-strength steel for nuclear submarines with a depth of up to 800 meters. It has created the gold for the undefeated gold body of the Winglin River and Lakes for the driver of the four generations of SUV. Bell cover 'and 'iron cloth shirt'!" -SANTAFE-4th of large six-seat SUV with high technical support for safe care of the bones!

Of course, the road is tens of millions, and the safest driving is the first! From the foundation of the manufacturing industry, the modern technology accumulation of Korea is accumulating. These black technologies respect the family-like consumers and let the sincere and incompetent technical services tie up. Solidly created a "double V" (2V) brand context of SANTAFE -4th to win the US and Japanese competing products - SUV + MPV! This is the difference between the six generations of six large SUV The characteristics are!

In a word, it abandons the test of the "handsome man's fist test head space" and "beauty long leg test seat space" - this is the core appeal of the first digital test run model of domestic automotive professional media! Continuous innovation is even more violent!

——SANTAFE-4th of large six-seat SUV : win in technology, reach the brand! Do not play big and small slang, this is the ultimate comment of the Iron Face hard test drive!  (Xie Weilie Studio)


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