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《百合脱口秀》是中国最大的视频门户网站——爱奇艺旅游频道“游乐+”节目的最新栏目——这个视频网站的注册观众超过一亿人!《百合脱口秀》的主播Lily Xie只有12岁,她是中国专业旅游视频栏目最年轻的主播!(也是迄今加拿大、BC省最年轻的旅游/社会公益专业视频节目最年轻的主播!)
"Lily Talkshow" is the latest installment of the "Amusement +" program on the Tourism Channel of talk show YI, China's largest video portal which has over 100 million registered audiences. Lily Xie, the anchor of Lily Talkshow, is only 12 years old. She is the youngest anchor of professional tourism video program in China. (Also the youngest anchor of tourism/social welfare professional video programs in Canada and BC Province to date!)

2019年4月23日,在联合国教科文组织(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization,缩写UNESCO)倡导的“世界图书日”24周年纪念日之际,爱奇艺旅游频道“游乐+”节目正式开通了面向全球青少年的旅游与社会公益栏目——《百合脱口秀》,目的是通过读书、旅游、参与公益活动,鼓励世界各地的青少年面向未来、立足所在学校、社区,进行本地化和全球化的人文交流,促进各地区、各族裔的多元化平等交往,展现在共同的地球家园里人与人、人与自然、人与社会的和谐共生,这就是《百合脱口秀》的定位与愿景!
On April 23, 2019, on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of World Book Day advocated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), "Lily Talk Show" was officially launched on the iQIYI Tourism Channel's "Amusement+" program as a tourism and social welfare program for adolescent around the world, the purpose of which is to encourage young people around the world to face the future and keep a foothold on their schools and communities, carry out localized and global cultural exchanges, promote diversified and equal exchanges among regions and ethnic groups, display the harmonious coexistence of people and people, people and nature, people and society in the common earth home by means of reading, travelling and participating in public welfare activities. This is the orientation and vision of Lily Talkshow!


Lily Talkshow will be broadcast in bilingual format of Chinese and English by means of recording, live broadcast, 1:1 interview, street interview and so on. There are more than 500 million teenagers in China and 5.6 million under the age of 14 in Canada -- there is almost no professional video program dedicated to this age group and hosted by anchors of this age group! It is a social responsibility to guide the development direction of teenagers in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-diversity community, and to establish a healthy and positive life ideal in a sustainable way.

Lily Xie在中国北京是一所拥有百年历史的学校——首都师范大学附属学校的优等生,曾连续两年参加亚洲俱乐部的花样滑冰大赛荣获(少年业余组)的冠军!能歌善舞、擅长钢琴和古筝的演奏;伴随父母移民加拿大以后、师从著名钢琴教育家,钢琴学习日臻成熟,日前、荣膺“2018加拿大青少年艺术家”大赛的进步大奖!她以美国著名脱口秀主持人奥普拉为榜样,尝试用“亲切谈话”(rapport-talk)的方式与社会各阶层沟通交流——《百合脱口秀》就是一种尝试!
Lily Xie is a top student from the Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University, a century-old school in Beijing, China. She has participated in the figure skating competition of Asian Club for two consecutive years and won the championship of Junior Amateur Group. She is good at singing and dancing, as well as playing piano and Zheng. After immigrating to Canada with her parents, she has learned piano from a famous piano educator and get more and more mature in piano learning. Recently, she won the Progress Award of the Canadian Youth Artist 2018 Competition. She took Oprah, the famous talkshow host in the United States, as her role model, and tried to use the way of "rapport-talk" to communicate with people from all walks of life. Communication - Lily Talkshow is an attempt!


   The legend of White Stone Town - the Love Story of White Stone

—— Behind every legend there will be a hidden story! At the southernmost tip of Vancouver, Canada, in White Stone Town, a Canadian seaside town bordering Washington, USA, there is a beautiful tale about the white huge stone.

A Vancouver Sea God fell in love with an aboriginal girl, but their love was opposed by their parents. Therefore, the Sea God threw a huge stone across the Strait of Georgia, where I am standing now, then took root and lived happily together with his bride in the place where the huge stone - that is, the White Stone - fell.
—— The story goes back to the story. According to scientific research, the huge stone drifted here from the north during the Ice Age, which is different from the tale - the huge stone moved from the north to the south beach! The huge stone, 486 tons, is white as it has been covered with guano for years, and has been used as a navigational landmark by Spanish seafarers since 200 years ago. Because it was often used for improvisational painting by graffiti artists in the last century, White Stone Park managers smear white paint on it from time to time to maintain a striking appearance!


—— In fact, I have my own opinion on the white lacquered legendary stone landmark of White stone Town: the story of the legend of White Stone reflects a fusion of ethnic diversity and culture diversity in Canada, especially the communication between aborigines and foreign sea gods, symbolizing a blend of culture and history! However, smearing the White Stone with white paint is not environmental friendly in order to cater to tourists.

We should treat them well like we treat every bird, crab and fish on the White Stone Beach, so that they can live there freely without human intervention. This is the landmark of White Stone Town -- the spiritual significance of the huge stone beside me!

2500 years ago, that is, 25 centuries ago, Confucius, the great educator of China, said, " Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short - that is to say, it is not good to emphasize anything too much, and even the best legend cannot withstand this kind of artificial "graffiti"! The true color of White Stone should be restored as that is the real characteristics of it!

Lily Talkshow


Now, I am standing on the trestle that echoes the White Stone, the landmark of White Stone Town. From here, I can overlook the huge stone that drifted here billions of years ago! I know that at the junction of the trestle and the land is the railway which was built 110 years ago to connect BC province of Canada and Washington State of the United States, and the starting point of the trestle is the platform of White Stone Station established in 1913. Of course, this platform is not what it used to be today- the landscape still remains as before while ways of the world are not the same. Here is now the history museum of While Stone Town!

—— The trestle is 8 metres wide and 487 metres long. From where I stand, I can see private yachts in the docks and harbors nearby. Taking a broad view, there is the United States across the sea the bay that connects with the Pacific Ocean.
There is another story about the legend of the trestle under my feet: it is said that a hundred years ago, the local business community invited government officials to visit White Stone Town by boat. It was not expected that the tide was rising at that time, and the boat was not stable enough for berth at that time. However, the sympathetic and considerate government agency immediately arranged to construction of the trestle to make it easier for the local residents to travel by boat. In today's words, this project is called "convenience project". It also reflects the harmonious coexistence of the government and the local residents in Canada's multi-ethnic and multi-cultural fusion on the other side. It is the Canadian characteristic inherited to this day! At dusk, the sea in the sunset and the silhouette of the trestle add radiance to each other, constituting a breathtaking beauty!


—— 每一段传奇背后都会有一个传说故事!
- Behind every legend there will be a hidden story!

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