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2019/7/13 19:14:11

Stanford Top student: Lively Experience BEIJING-HYUNDAI AUTO Renewal Generation "MISTRA"


斯坦福学霸+钢铁侠=数字化试车实验室首席试车手 索思诺
Stanford Top student+ Iron Man = the chief test driver of Digital Commissioning Lab
Sinuo Suo


首家汽车融媒体平台 谢卫列工作室原创的“数字化试车实验室”将镜头对焦北京现代的焕新一代中高级轿车:名图!

The first automobile media platform Weilie Xie studio's original "digital test laboratory" will focus on the lens of BEIJING-HYUNDAI AUTO brand-new generation of high-end cars: MISTRA!


"Digital Test Laboratory" upholds the position of "no competition for beauty, only focus on value". With more than 50 instruments, we can perform hundreds of static and dynamic test data "roadshow" and create an innovative immersive experience model of "objective data narration + subjective experience description", which is quite different from the existing personal "noise" statements at home and abroad. Our Media Test Lab provides consumers with big data beyond the small values of the dashboard in the car, which can be used as a reference for purchasing and using cars. Comparing with many media test drivers which amuse themselves only in China, the chief test driver of this issue of Digital Test Laboratory has totally different qualifications..


He comes from the top universities in the United States. He is not only the most knowledgeable, but also the most experienced technological big name of the local super running club! He claims to be able to play with cars like he does in video games. At the same time, he is the generation after 1995 with dozens of inventions and designs in the Ivy Pyramid Academy. Is there such a professional test driver of domestic media at home.


Beijing Hyundai auto Renewal Generation of Medium and Advanced Vehicles "MISTRA" is a customized brand car exclusively owned by China! Its front grille is a waterfall design with typical family DNA!


"Digital Test Lab" chief test driver Sinuo Suo is using a light meter to test the illumination of the double eyes (headlights) of MISTRA! Domestic and foreign media professional test-run evaluation, using professional equipment for real-life environment state detection, is also difficult for indoor technology laboratories to do the same! Lighting illumination of MISTRA can provide security for car owners.


The static experience of Weilie Xie's "Digital Test Laboratory", the first automotive media platform in China, is not empty talk or jargon. Instead, it uses data to illustrate the hardness of A and B pillars of BEIJING-HYUNDAI AUTO MISTRA, to verify the material of key safety parts of the whole vehicle, so that drivers can drive safely and sit safely. Compared with many magazine and website editors who are crazy about tire burning in closed lane and non-professional crazy about "speeding up, braking, drifting" car destruction, we only stand in the normal life state of ordinary car owners and make a comparison of life interpretation. The digital security of the crew cabin of the MISTRA can be seen at a glance through the "physical examination" of Stanford top student.

在动态体验环节,“数字化试车实验室”的首席试车手、Sino  Suo手中的空气检测仪的数据告诉我们:名图的车内甲醛含量居然是零!(甲醛是车内涂料、粘合剂、材料里所含的有害物质)说明北京现代的名图的安全性不仅仅在硬度上,空调与乘员舱、座椅等都是绿色环保的!

In the dynamic experience section, the data of the air detector in Sino Suo, the chief test driver of Digital Test Lab, tell us: The formaldehyde content in the car is zero! (Formaldehyde is a harmful substance in interior coatings, adhesives and materials). It shows that the safety of BEIJING-HYUNDAI AUTO MISTRA is not only in hardness, but also in air conditioning, passenger compartment and seats.


Because the domestic and foreign media pay less attention to the air quality inside the car and pay less attention to the electromagnetic pollution which is invisible and can not feel inside the car, even professional media in Europe, America, Japan and Korea have never been involved in the topics about the potential electromagnetic soft damage for the passengers (especially the elderly, children and pregnant women) before the "digital test laboratory" of Weilie Xie's studio was measured. Under the dynamic experience environment of MISTRA, the measured results of electric field and magnetic field are zero! It shows that China's exclusive modern maps are very professional in the protection of electromagnetic environment in cars.

为了体现首家汽车融媒体平台 谢卫列工作室的媒体人社会责任心,我们在每次动态试车前都会要求进行酒精测试!目的是通过这个公益提示,给名图车主、让更多受众善意提个醒:开车不喝酒是美德、更是法律责任!

In order to embody the social responsibility of the media people in Weilie Xie Studio, the first automobile financial media platform, we will require alcohol testing before each dynamic test run. The purpose of this public service prompt is to remind the owners of MISTRA and more audiences in good faith that driving without drinking is a virtue, but also a legal responsibility!


Weilie Xie Studio, as the first automotive media platform, the latest "digital test room" is an incubator of independent innovation in China's automotive media industry, which fills in the gap of media communication in the field of automotive consumption in the era of big data. It brings new ideas and new actions to the Chinese automobile production and economic media through the innovative mode of "laboratory" economy. The purpose is to make the life of Chinese people who own automobiles more joyful and obtain a sense of achievement. This is where the professional happiness of automobile media people who are really brave to explore lies!


(Thank you to Sinuo Suo, the chief test driver of this issue of Digital Test Lab! The next chief test driver will be someone born after the year of 2000. He is a host big name of Seattle Radio, USA, Sa Gong, winner of the Presidential Prize for Secondary School Education in the United States. The test car…)

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